Art In Motion is a non-profit organization the helps inner-city youth build their character through the exploration of Arts, Leadership and Service.  Art in Motion offers mobile, art-focused, high quality programs at low rates that serve inner-city youth ages 4-17 and their families. AIM creates a consistent, safe, trusting, caring, fun and positive environment that is disciplined, participant-focused, and flexible/tailor-made. The staff which interacts with the participants join after passing a background check and receiving appropriate training. They have professional, diverse experience and are youth and community-oriented. As a result of participating in AIM’s programs, the participants gain art skills, character, self-esteem, and confidence. This in turn fosters leadership, community service and a family orientation within our participants who attain success and become role models in their community.

silk_city_studio_logo Silk City Studio was Art in Motion’s first program, which debuted in March 2011. AIM Inc. partnered with Silk City School of Martial Arts to provide affordable classes for the community. Classes include a variety of dance and instrumental classes, as well as workshops, Today we provide classes in Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Dance Techniques, DJ’ing, Piano, and Congas. Every year AIM adds new classes and workshops, reaching over 100 students yearly. Every year AIM adds new classes and workshops, reaching over 300 students monthly.
education_and_arts_logo Education and Arts programs were created in partnership with Community School #5 in Paterson. Students participate in a program that promotes literacy through the Arts. In this program, students learn the fundamentals of singing, dancing, and acting through vocal exercises, choreography, and plays. Through these art forms, they are able to learn new vocabulary and practice reading through scripts and lyrics. This program has expanded to other local schools in Paterson such as Community Charter School of Paterson, and New Roberto Clemente. We have also partnered up with New Jersey Community Development Corp to provide after school and summer programs. Through these partnerships we have reached over 500 children and help expand their explorations of the Arts.
young_stars_logo Young Stars are active members of AIM who participate in community service, leadership opportunities, and performances throughout the city of Paterson and surrounding areas. Young Stars volunteer their time for the betterment of their community and themselves. These members have made a commitment to be a positive influence not only with the Art In Motion family, but also within their home, school, and community. The Young Stars of Art In Motion reach their goals with the help of their parents and families who will ensure that each Young Star will make every effort to be available and on time for all projects and events. Parents may also volunteer their time for projects that may require more adult supervision. The Young Stars of Art In Motion are ambassadors of the organization and will represent AIM through community service projects, Dance Crew performances, and as writers of the organization’s monthly newsletter.